ABIMCI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente

Program Structure

In order to set the policies and strategies of the program as well as to ensure independence of the certification activities and the process credibility, the National Council for Quality Wood – CNQM was created. The statutes of the Council establish that it is completely independent and that its members are appointed by the parties interested in the subject. The Council consists of representatives of the following groups:


agents of the marketing and distribution chain;

consumers’ association;

universities and research institutes;

input suppliers.

The responsibilities of the Council are set out in the statute and include:

To set the guidelines for the National Program  for Wood Quality;

To coordinate the work related to the definition and establishment of technical standards and quality procedures relating to the manufacture of products to be certified;

To define the criteria for certification of producers and suppliers;

To select and qualify quality auditors;

To approve audit reports and issue quality certificates; To weight in case of consumer complaints.

In order to implement CNQM policies and decisions, as well as to coordinate the entire operation of the Program, an Executive Secretariat was established, counting on the support of technical departments and independent consultants.

Certification audits are performed by external and independent auditors,  appointed by the Board based on criteria that include an analysis of their technical expertise and experience.

The external auditors accredited by CNQM are educated and trained regarding their responsibilities to the program and as the parameters, criteria, requirements and procedures for the conduct of said audits.

The program is financially supported by the producers, input suppliers involved and other stakeholders inclined to cooperate. Resources are allocated to specific funds, which are:

Administration fund;

Dissemination and promotion fund;

Technical assistance and development fund;

Fund open for complaint purposes.

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