ABIMCI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente


In 1999, in view of the request coming from associate companies and in response to market demands, ABIMCI decided to take the lead to develop a national certification system for pine plywood. To develop the system, the National Program  for Pine Plywood Quality was created – PNQC, having as main objective to provide the market with products’ known specifications produced within controlled parameters.

During 2000, the program was structured and implemented and a Board of Directors, with representatives of various stakeholders including plywood producers, consumers, participants in the supply chain, suppliers, researchers and industry experts has been established. Among the duties of the Board are the definitions of policies and strategies of the program, as well as assurance of the independence and credibility of the quality certification process.

Based on experience acquired, and meeting the demands of associates and market, the program was expanded to comprise other types of solid wood products, having been transformed into the National Program  for Quality Wood – PNQM.  Actually, the program covers both pine plywood, tropical plywood and wooden floors. Other products should be incorporated in the future.

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