ABIMCI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente

Programs and Certifications

In the late 1990s, with the result of national and international market pressure, ABIMCI defined a strategy, developed and implemented a national program  for quality wood products. The goal was to provide the market with products known and manufactured within controlled parameters specifications. And so PNQM (National Program  for Wood Quality) emerged.

Initially, it aimed at the pine plywood, a poor quality type of wood that was losing market.

At the same time, potential risks related to the development of technical requirements were identified; they were mostly international barriers, which could restrict the marketing. ABIMCI associates reacted, and from a completely private initiative, an investment of $ 2.5 million came together, resulting in the certification of process.

The program’s success and growth of the market requirements stimulated the expansion and currently it includes pine plywood business, tropical plywood and doors and under development phase for lumber, flooring and products with higher added value products.

Program participants have more control of the production process,  with productivity increase and reducing losses and costs, in addition to ensure access to key markets.

The other requirement refers to the certification of products with CE  marking, for both non-structural and structural products. Product directive for the construction industry (CPR regulations – EU number 305/2011, published in April 2011), is definitively effective in July 2013, when it can only enter the European common market products if a CE certificate of technical compliance is presented.

ABIMCI through the PNQM (National Program  for Wood Quality) and the English BM Trada, certifies plywood, doors, and lumber products, ensuring access to the world’s largest market for Brazilian products.

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