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Production of Brazilian pine plywood suffers reduction

The fall trend announced 60 days ago confirms and should intensify. The result will be the stability of the product supply offer in the international market.

The main Brazilian pine plywood mills began the process to reduce their production. This positioning already appears in the export data released on Wednesday, July 3, by the Brazilian Association of the Mechanically Processed Timber (Abimci), which shows a 14% drop in volume shipped in June compared to the previous month, and it will probably continue to decrease.

The leading Brazilian plywood manufacturers informed Abimci that they have already adopted new measures to intensify the decrease in production as scheduled stops, collective vacations, reduction of hours worked during the day or days worked during the week. Therefore, in the evaluation of the association, the volume shipped in July should represent another important drop in production.

Abimci says that “the sum of these actions will further intensify the fall in production, a fact that has already been noticed in recent weeks, and which will directly reflect the product offer. That will contribute to the improvement of the business environment of plywood for those who produce, as well as bringing greater clarity to the Brazilian product importers”.

The decision of the manufacturers to reduce the volume produced accompanies the world scenario of increased supply of pine plywood and reduced demand, at a time when the market cautiously monitors international issues such as the United States taxation of Chinese products, Brexit, and others. In addition to these factors, the mills says that they are under pressure from Brazil’s production costs, especially those related to raw materials, energy and domestic and maritime freight.

Below the list of companies that have already adopted measures to reduce production:

Argenta Bonotto e Cia Ltda
Compensados e Laminados Lavrasul S/A
Compensados Fuck Ltda
Compensados Laselva Ltda
Compensados Pinhal Ltda
Compensados Relvaplac Ltda
Dalcomad Dalgallo Comércio de Madeiras Ltda
Faganello Indústria de Compensados Eireli
F.V. de Araújo S/A

Guaratú Indústria e Comércio de Madeiras e Compensados Ltda
Indústria de Compensados Guararapes Ltda
Indústria de Compensados Sudati Ltda
Industrial Arbhores Compensados Ltda
Industrial Madeireira S/A Itamarati Indústria de Compensados Ltda
L.F.R. Carli & Cia Ltda
M7 Indústria e Comércio de Compensados e Laminados Ltda
Macasil Indústria e Comércio de Compensados Ltda
Madebil Madeireira Bituruna Ltda
Madeireira Belo Horizonte Ltda
Madeireira EK Ltda
Madeireira Rio Claro Ltda
Madeireira Rochembach Ltda
Marini Indústria de Compensados Ltda
Miraluz Indústria e Comércio de Madeira Ltda
Nereu Rodrigues & Cia Ltda
Ótima Portas e Compensados Ltda
Randa Indústria e Comércio de Portas e Compensados Ltda
Repinho Reflorestadora de Madeiras e Compensados Ltda
Somapar Sociedade Madeireira Paranaense Ltda
V.W. Indústria e Comércio de Madeiras Ltda

Abimci – Brazilian Association of the Mechanically Processed Timber

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