ABIMCI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente

About Us

Founded in 1972, the Brazilian Association for Mechanically Processed Timber – ABIMCI unifies and represents companies linked to several segments and phases of the timber supply chain, such as reforestation (forestry) companies; wood industries (manufacturers of plywood, veneer, lumber, flooring, frames, doors and other products); suppliers of raw materials and machinery for the wood industry; agents and importers of wood products, distributors and retailers of wood products manufactured by associated companies in the logistics and customs clearance industry sector in addition to specialist press.

ABIMCI has partnerships and cooperation agreements with various national and international entities and officials, and its main objectives are to identify, discuss, defend and promote relevant and strategic issues of sector and national scope for the industry. To promote coordinated actions and develop projects to strengthen the sector and its affiliates, with the enforcement authority next to the government and other agencies.

In March 2014, the Association elected the current board, which will lead the organization until 03.31.2017, chaired by José Carlos Januário, director of Indústria de Compensados Guararapes Ltda.

ABIMCI has established and defined its guidelines through strategic planning. The management is based on pillars, such as quality of production processes, representation, training and education, access to technology, products and markets to meet its targets and ensure the success of their actions. Credibility, ethics, transparency, innovation, interaction with the government and the community and objectivity are the pillars and core values ​​in its operations.

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