ABIMCI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Madeira Processada Mecanicamente


 Voting Members

Are considered Membership Holders the industries engaged in the production, marketing, distribution of products from mechanically processed wood in its multiple conceptions.

→ List of Membership Holders

Participating Members

Members Are considered Participating Members the  individual or legal persons engaged in the production, sale or distribution of input materials used in the manufacture of products from mechanically processed wood in its various conceptions, individuals or entities that somehow, work or industrialize wood products, or provide services in some way or exercise activities that have interests related to wood products or activities linked to the production of wood raw material, native or planted forests. The participating members have the same rights as membership holders, except the right to vote and be voted.

→ List of participating members.

Corresponding Members

Are considered corresponding members  the natural or legal persons engaged in activities, provide services or have interests related to various sectors of the Participating Members and Membership Holders.

→ List of Corresponding Members.

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